Who Are We?

After enduring countless sunburns from repeatedly finding themselves out and about without sunscreen, Connor and Danny Murphy realized that this is a serious issue. The company idea sparked on the Jersey Shore after a sunburn at an Atlantic City beach music festival and was guided into reality in sunny San Luis Obispo California, during Dan’s final semester at Cal Poly’s Hatchery. Through extensive customer research, having conversations with others about their similar experiences, the brothers uncovered a common thread: the problem was not a lack of awareness about the dangers of sunburn or how to protect against it, but rather an issue of accessibility.

People often know they should wear sunscreen, but when out in the sun, they realize they don’t have it with them – a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” Recognizing that skin cancer is a serious health concern, claiming more than two lives every hour in the United States alone, Connor and Danny were determined to address this challenge. Their mission was to create a solution that makes sunscreen free and easily accessible to everyone, aiming to significantly reduce the risk of UV radiation exposure. 

Partnership with SunStop Kiosks

As valued market partners, QuickShield Stations serves as the exclusive Northeast distributor of SunStop Kiosks, working closely to introduce top-notch wellness solutions to the region. 

With our joint efforts, our kiosks, supported by SunStop, have been featured at major events like the New Orleans Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, Arnold Palmer Invitational, the US Olympic Trials, and others. Leading their introduction to the Northeast, QuickShield and SunStop continue to grow together, providing cutting-edge wellness amenities for diverse audiences.

Next steps

As we seamlessly integrate QuickShield Stations into both outdoor and indoor spaces, our versatile kiosks enhance the experience of any venue. 

Whether dispensing sunscreen for outdoor events or providing hand sanitizer indoors, our free amenities not only prioritize patron well-being but also offer a unique interactive advertising opportunity, becoming an essential addition to diverse environments. Anticipate our 2025 venture into the digital frontier, introducing cutting-edge wellness kiosks that showcase a variety of content, spanning advertisements, community updates, and public announcements.